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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Photographing Zed Cards

Photo.net has to be one of my favourite websites about photography.  Model photography has to compete with all the other myriad forms of the art, so I was excited to see that one of the sites contributors is publishing a series of articles around putting together a model's composite or Zed card.  The first post is below:

Gary Bernstein: A Model's Shoot - Part

Meanwhile, I have been contemplating why the characters on the CSI
TV-show never seem to be doing the right thing for forensic
photography.  I am not a forensics expert but even I can tell if you are not packing a macro lens, that close up of the thumb-print is probably not gonna be in focus.  I would like to volunteer my services as "on-site photographic advisor" to the show, though perhaps I should have a cooler sounding job-title, like "key grip" or "best boy."  Whatever, as long as I get a chance to work with Jorja, Marg, Emily or Melina - I'd be happy. Might also be sensible to read...

Crime Scene and Evidence Photography

I wonder if gangsters are watching "Sopranos" and thinking "that's not how you kneecap someone !"


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