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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pbase offers improved statistics

Pbase,  the photo-hosting website that I use for the bulk of my website has radically improved its reporting statistics.  It was always possible to get statistics from pbase,  but one had to
use third party tools and/or add specific code to your webpages. There is now a pretty friendly link at the bottom of each gallery and image page that leads to a report on image downloads over the last thirty days.  If nothing else, its a nice way of determining what pictures appear to be more "clickable" than others and its better feedback than provided by many other websites.

PBase Photo Database - Photo Hosting - Photo Sharing - Web Photo Galleries

Meanwhile,  I will continue to use addfreestats for other website analysis.  Amongst the features that really appeal to me is that addfreestats provides reports on viewers screen size, location and the referring URL.  Recently,  I found that one of my webpages was being quoted on a russian website engaged in a forum debate about models and their purchasing of portfolio shoots.  I couldn't really follow the debate because auto-translation software isn't that good, but it is nice to know that my little website is reaching a worldwide audience.

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