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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Light Painting Tutorial

I recently attended a photographic tutorial on Light Painting.  Hosted by Bent Brae studios and given by the photographer David McLeavy it was a wonderful insight into the techniques and equipment involved in generating some extremely artistic and beautiful work.  I learned some things that didn't fit my expectations of what the process would be and got to give the technique a try myself.

Sometime soon am going to book a model and a studio to continue my experimentation.  Note to oneself - a very dark location is required... a studio that cannot be properly blacked out isn't going to cut it.
Also on the prep list - a good tripod, a cable release, a couple of powerful flashlights and a model patient enough to stay in one pose for the time intervals required.  In the meantime, I will be checking out the following sites for some additional inspiration:-

Chris Becker photography :: light painting
Digital Photography Tips From The Top Floor ยป tfttf66 - Painting with Light


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