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Sunday, June 25, 2006

No more model directories please !

I was recently updating my tips page with a list of currently active model directories.  These are sites that allow models to enter a portfolio of pictures, statistics and contact details and advertise for work.  The list is now approaching fifty seperate websites and in addition to the ones I added I also had to remove a few which are not active any more. If anyone is thinking of starting up another directory for photographers and models,  please look at this list first.  If you don't think you can offer something genuinely different from one of the existing players - then don't bother.  It is kind of a crowded market already.

As a photographer the feature I use most often is a location based search.  I want to find models near where I live or near where I am travelling to, important because I will be picking up models travel expenses. Way too many of the model directories out there do a bad job of location search - they don't let you search by region or city - so I do a country based search and get back thirty pages of headshots.  Better than nothing, but not as useful as it could be.


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