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Monday, December 04, 2006

Photography Competition and Critiques

I found a new photography website recently - Earth Shots. If you take National Geographic quality images,  or you just like looking at them, it's worth checking it out.  The site is essentially a blog/RSS feed combined with a photography competition where the winning image changes daily and is some representation of the beauty of the planet we inhabit.

There are a bundle of other photography competition sites out there, probably too many to list, so I am just going to mention a couple that I am impressed with.  Both Fotofight and dpchallenge are free to join, run contests on a wide variety of themes and feature pictures with a very high standard, so even if you don't want to enter, you can learn by example.

As for getting critiques of your images, there one website you need to know and its name is photosig.com.   Many social-photography and hosting sites allow others to post comments on your images, but photosig is uniquely set up to encourage constructive criticism.  The best way to see how it works is probably to visit, put simply in order to publish you must also critique and other viewers must consider your comments to be helpful.   Their publishing mechanism is pretty good at providing feedback a little more meaningful and verbose that "cool" or "loved the shot" but the flip-side is you need to have a thick skin about it.  If you post sub-par images, the membership will soon let you know.