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Monday, October 23, 2006

Half a Million Hits

My website, as a whole, past a significant milestone in the last day or two.  It has received half a million image downloads.  This is someone, looking through my galleries and clicking to look at a full size image.  If one counts gallery and thumbnail views the hit count is over a million.

My site is gaining more attention and is starting to attract offers of commercial sponsorship.  As a consequence, I will be performing a site re-design, introducing some new content and adding advertising links in the near future.  On a technical level I will be polishing the HTML and CSS code of the website for W3C compliance and better browser compatibility.

The other feature I have been neglecting is photo-a-day, but the good news is that I have a large reserve of photographs that have been completed and these are going to start to show up.  Some of my older images will be archived.

In short, big changes planned for the website.


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