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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Digital Journalist

Whilst googling for Harry Benson, I stumbled across a fascinating website called the devoted to photojournalism, appropriately called The Digital Journalist. Next to portraiture, photo-journalism is probably my favourite type of photograph to view - first because there are normally people involved and second because there is usually some narrative or story to tell.

I have also been looking for a primer on Flash photography for a presentation.  As usual, wikipedia came through.

For light painting work,  I am a big fan of the Maglite. Not the cheapest flashlight in the world, but certainly the best design and construction quality I have come across. There are now a bunch of thirty parties who sell extras and add-ons for this popular torch.  The latest innovation in the world of flashlights is the use of powerful light emitting diodes to replace normal halogen bulbs.  It will be interested to get a hold of some of these and use some lights with completely different colour balances...


Anonymous wirehead said...

I use LEDs almost exclusively. I've soldered up some light boards with LEDs and often some computer chips, and I use them as my light painting brush.

I usually reserve the gels for when I'm doing a larger scenic scene and then I use them with a flash.

7:43 pm  

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